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General Inquiries:

Email: wildrosefiddlers@gmail.com

Let us entertain you!

Phone Olga at 780-471-5303 or
Email: wildrosefiddlers@gmail.com

The Wild Rose Old Tyme Fiddlers Association has groups available to entertain at community events, seniors' homes, etc. Listen and tap your feet to some old-time music or dance your way across the floor. Call us to book a time!

Executive Contacts:

President: Barbara Rehn 780-906-6862
Vice President: Ava Wood 780-962-8857
Secretary: Diane Wishart 780-913-5382
Treasurer: Eric Papsdorf 780-463-6194
Past President: Inez Kreamer wildrosefiddlers@gmail.com

Board of Directors:

North Glenora Music Director Ken Bartley 780-504-0489
Pleasantview Music Director Olga Suchy 780-471-5303
Sponsorship Director Ava Wood 780-962-8857
Fiddle Championship Director Ken Clarke 780-237-2706
Pleasantview Social Director Inez Kreamer 780-756-3388
North Glenora Social Director Gary Yanch 780-998-4904

Appointed Positions:

Memberships Vacant
Sound Director Wayne Kirk 780-722-2853
Fiddle Championship Vice Chair Michele Mitchell 780-691-8642
Newsletter Editor Irene Miller 780-405-4367

Mailing Address:

Wild Rose Old Tyme Fiddlers Association
1588 - 5328 Calgary Trail
Edmonton, AB T6H 4J8

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